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Our service eliminates all the hassles, all the concerns of a private sale and makes buying or selling a previously owned wedding dress easy. Our concept is unique and it’s FREE to add your wedding dress to our database, or to add yourself as a Bride-2-Be and get notifications of new dresses that we receive, to add yourself click on our NEW DRESS ALERTS and send us your details.

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A wedding is a very special occasion for any bride, as well as the groom, and every bride wants to look her best. Every bride wants to find that spectacular wedding gown that will make her feel like a princess. So let us help you find your dream gown at a fraction of the original price.

Wedding Dress Rental vs. Buying a Pre-Owned Gown

if you are considering renting a wedding dress to save money, consider buying a pre-owned wedding dress instead. Buying pre-owned can actually be less expensive than renting and there are other benefits too.

Wedding dress rentals typically range from R4500 R6500. Gowns are often only delivered 1-3 days before the wedding, and must usually be returned a few days after your wedding. A damage deposit may also be required.

Additionally, wedding dress rental stock is limited, only minimal alterations are allowed, and the gown may have already been worn multiple times.

Buying a Pre-Owned Wedding Dress

We have gowns that start as low as R1500.00 and currently have more than 250 gowns on dosplay of which around 100 is for sale at around R5000 or less.

Not only will you have a larger selection of gowns to choose from but you can alter your gown to your heart’s content.

We recommend that you make an appointment to view our range as photographs do not always capture the true beauty and sheer vividness of thedifferent fabrics. We can also take care of alterations should they be required.

By adding yourself to our NEW DRESS ALERTS

Registry, you will receive an email each time we load a dress on our website.

Alternatively, call us directly to make an appointment to view what we have available. We pride ourselves on personal service and quality products.

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